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There are many ways to get involved with the Unity Network, but to simplify we will go over the 6 primary ways you can get involved. We have listed them here in the order from the smallest amount of effort and commitment to the most amount of effort and commitment.

Unity Network

1) Connect with Unity Network:network.html

The easiest and simplest way you can get involved is to connect with the Unity Network’s update Stream and share our posts so more people can hear about our great work.

2) Give to the Unity Network:network.html

Don’t have time to volunteer or work with us, but want to make sure we have the opportunity to be successful in our current money based global economy. We have many ways to give, from a simple donation, to buying products at our Unity Store. Please give generously.

  1. Unity Store: http://UnityStores.net

  2. Umbrella Crowdfunding: http://wc.tc/Unite

  3. CrowdwillCrowdfunding: http://wc.tc/Crowdfund

  4. Simple Donate: http://wc.tc/Donate

3) Call into the UNITY HOT LINE:network.html

Have questions or want to learn more about what is going on. Simply Call into the UNITY HOT LINE and connect with someone who may be able to get you answers or information, or at least point you to the person that can.

  1. Click Here for UNITY HOT LINE - OPEN HOURS Schedule

  2. Click Here for the List of Call in Options

4) Attend a Unity Intro Q&A Session:network.html

Unity Q&A Sessions happen regularly and here you can call in to learn the basics about Unity and ask any questions you want and begin the process of collaborating with other across the globe to help solve the greatest problems of our society.

  1. Click Here for the Unity Schedule of Sessions in ALL Time Zone Options (then just look for the Intro Q&A sessions)

5) Actively Participate in a Unity Session:network.html

Unity Sessions happen regularly and are an OPEN space for anyone in the world to bring up any topic they want to. We collaborate through participatory democracy to collectively prioritize the topics and choose our agenda, but any organization or group can always split off to make there own call. In fact we limit the total number of people in a single conference call group to about 10 people so each person can have a voice and directly interact with the group.

  1. Click Here for the Unity Schedule of Sessions in ALL Time Zone Options

6) Take on a Position in the Unity Network:network.html

The Unity Network and the many related organizations, projects, and programs that we run have many positions and opportunities for you to get involved in.  Please fill out one of the following forms to get started.

  1. Volunteer Involvement Form

  2. General Involvement Form

  3. Worker Involvement Form